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“I had no idea how bad I was eating until I started training with Matt! I really thought I was in decent shape until I started going through his workouts and realized I had a lot more work to do than I thought… He got me going on the right track with not only eating and working out, but also with making better choices in all areas of my life. He has a great positive attitude and is an amazing motivator! I have seen a drastic improvement in my body since I started following his advice and staying consistent. Matt has such a passion for what he does, & with the knowledge he has of fitness and nutrition, you can’t help but get amazing results! I am definitely grateful to be where I am now.” -Rachelle LeBrilla
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At RESULTS ONLY CLUB, I am proud to have received the following recognition from my clients as the premier Body Transformation Specialist for the DALLAS area.
"Best in class! I wouldn't go anywhere else..."
​My name is April Wise and I have been training with Matt for almost 1 month now. I have lost 10 pounds and can feel that my body is really starting to tone up. BUT it's not only physically what Matt has done for me; mentally I am more focused and driven. He really pushes me and motivates me to keep going even when I want to stop or feel that my body won’t go anymore. I have had trainers previously to Matt but they were all mediocre compared to him. Matt not only teaches you the right form but he explains in each exercise or technique why you should do it a certain way. I know by him teaching me great form I am preventing injuries that previous trainers have created. He has taught me not only about nutrition but about a lifestyle change, which is now helping me get more sleep at night and I have tons more energy during the day. I highly recommend Matt and I'm looking forward to learning more from him and training my tail off in his gym! -April Wise
"Voted #1 by members in the area"

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"RESULTS ONLY CLUB is the best place in town to gain control of your health. We are very happy with the results!"
​I have been training with Matt for a total of 6 weeks now and I already feel healthier and stronger than ever before at the age of 39. I have always cared about my health but never asked for help. I didn’t think I needed it but I was wrong. From Day 1, Matt’s words were like squirrels running around in my head. I knew at that point, I was hooked. I finally have learned how to make better, healthier food choices and I push myself harder than normal when I workout and I’m doing it all the right way, thanks to Matt. Physically my energy level has increased tremendously which allows me to stay active on a daily bases. Inches of body fat have been melting away, which has been proven by the compliments I receive from family and friends that see my results, including my clothes which have gone down a few sizes. Mentally and Emotionally I stay more positive at what life throws my way, which has a deep affect on my Personal and Business life. Matt’s Knowledge and Passion that he instills in you, on Health and Fitness, will rent space in your head to help you succeed and stay committed to accomplishing your goal, which is very well needed when you are out in the real world, seven days a week. Matt is dedicated in helping you reach your dream of looking better and feeling great. He truly cares and is by your side every step of the way…especially on those days when you want to give up. Nothing happens overnight. Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle…it’s Not a Temporary Fix. With Matt you WILL have results. Thanks, -Maricella Garcia
​Thank you Matt Jahnel, for helping me achieve my fitness goals. I am a 50-year young owner of a full-service catering business and executive cocktail lounge in the Dallas area. 30 + years in the food and beverage industry and 70-80 work weeks took its toll on my personal fitness level in a big way. Less than a year ago, I was 100 pounds overweight, and had stage one hypertension. I had a dream of a lifetime 18-day trip to Italy, France, Spain, and Monaco planned for a special celebration with my fiancé, and set a goal to improve my fitness level before the trip. I hired Matt to be my personal trainer and nutritional coach, and through his training, knowledge, and motivation, and some consistent commitment on my part, I was able to shed 50 pounds and return to a normal blood pressure level prior to our European vacation. Although Matt punished me on the stairs 2 -3 times a week, when I walked up the crooked 296 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I was all grins, and singing Matt’s praises! What a dreadful thing it would have been to not have made that progress prior to our awesome trip. I am actually pleased with most of the photos taken during the trip, and so many friends and family members have commented on the results I have achieved. We have a trip to New Zealand and Australia planned for February/March, so I have set my sights on the next level of fitness for Matt to help me achieve. If you are ready to change your life, get committed and put yourself & Matt to the test…you won’t be sorry!! -John Johnston
Simply stated, Matt Jahnel is an amazing personal trainer. Through a balanced regime of stretching, cardiovascular and weight training, Matt’s ability to keep his clientele motivated, as well as focused on their fitness goals is outstanding. For those serious about maintaining a healthy way of life, Matt’s dietary and lifestyle advice is exceptional. -Kara Krystina Ostroski-Francis, Esq.
My name is Elizabeth better known as “Annie” to Matt. I met Matt 14 years ago when my family and I moved from living in Allen, Texas for 10 years to Dallas, Texas. I began to research different athletic clubs in our area. That's when I met Matt Jahnel. He was working as one of their Personal Trainers. My goal was to begin competitive racing in the Dallas area. I had ran for years but not as a serious runner. I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to follow thru with it.  
Matt helped me not only loose weight but helped me over come this fear. He helped me feel good about myself. I weighed in at 150 lbs (5"3/size 12) in October of ’97. By the Spring of May ’98, I weighed in at 130 lbs.(size 12 to size 6/8). My best running pace was an 81/2 min mile when before I was only able to run a 12 min mile pace.  
I was able to complete 15 half marathons over the years when before I was only able to complete 5 to 6 5k races in one year.
Years later I had to stop racing due to so many running injuries. I gave into depression and bad eating habits. I met up with Matt again on Face Book! It took a lot of convincing on his part to get me to commit to him again. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I finally give in! Weighing in at 160 lbs (size 12) Matt not only has helped me loose weight and feel better about myself but most importantly he has helped me to be POSITIVE, and continues to encourage me to take charge of my life. I now weigh 142 lbs (size8/10) I love working out with Matt three times a week. On my off days i walk/run indoors and outdoors. I hope to begin running more this fall and into the Spring of 2012.
Matt is not only a Personal Trainer but my inspiration and my Best Friend for life! -Annie Reames
A good friend of mine, Liz, told me I should start working out with her trainer Matt. She told me it would releave my stress and make me feel better about myself. For about a month she kept asking me to call him but I didn't want too. Working out with a trainer was not something I had in mind. One day Matt showed up at my work and told me that we are starting our workout sessions tomorrow. Not only was I shocked that he came to my work but that he was ready to start the next day. I knew this was a sign. 
Working out with Matt has helped me have a better outlook on life. I eat healthier and have energy to get through each day. Matt has helped me choose the right foods to not only lose weight but to increase my muscle tone. One of the best things about this is I've gone down 5 pant sizes. It's rewarding for me when I hear compliments from family and friends. I never thought i would see myself come this far. When I'm ready to give up Matt always pushes me through. Working out is definitly paying off and life changing!! -Susan Switch
Having trained with Matt back when I was conditioning for football, I am no stranger to his services. Although after a couple of years of losing sight and gaining weight I was in need of some help and fast. So I picked up the phone and thanks to Matt Jahnel I have dropped 14 lbs in just over two weeks. No longer am I sleeping in and wasting away my days. I'm gaining my quality of life back thanks to Matt who is more than a trainer but a friend to all he knows. Thanks Matt  -Harrison Moreau  
In the last several weeks that I have been working with Matt, it has made a noticeable difference in almost everything I do. I am looking better everyday with his help and encouragement to get up and make the change attitude. "There are no excuses" as he likes to say. I love the compliments given to me as to what is changing. Those vary from I look like I am losing weight to my complexion is looking great. Because of the changes that I have made in the foods I choose to eat my kids are eating a lot healthier and I am starting them on a track of better eating and a healthier life style. I sleep so much better and feel rested when I get up instead of the groggy feeling I would still have even after a full nights sleep. The toning that I see happening just makes me want to push harder and work harder to get more results. -Felicia Cansino 
" I think the purpose of life is to be responsible and to be compassionate. It is after all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all."
"You have the Power to make the Right decisions about your health and when you do you are taking the first steps in creating the Life you want."
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I started training with Matt 6 months ago and it has changed my life. I started at a size 10 and now I am down to a size 2!!! I had a herniated disc removed March 2010 and Matt has helped me strengthen my back again. He has taught me about nutrition and fitness and I am grateful for that. I have learned a lot and I plan on making fitness and eating healthy a way of life.
-Stevie Sherrill
There are good trainers and bad trainers, and it is hard to distinguish between them sometimes. But I have trained with several, and Matt is among the best. He not only knows how to exercise, but he knows what else you need to do in life to meet your health goals; and he is generous in sharing his knowledge. See Matt if you need help getting fit! -Michael Wald
My tribute to Matty, or "Mr. Boss Man, Sir" - I started working out with Matt just less than a year ago after surgeries on the ligaments on both ankles and THEN surgery on my left foot. He has provided safe instruction, mixing it up a bit and making it fun to work out. Especially when Susan and Annie are here! He even kept me motivated when I broke another bone in my right ankle and we did upper body workouts while it healed and I hobbled in a big boot!! We "heart" you, MBMS, Matt!!!! -Becky Murphy
I'm 47, mom of 4, 5'3" and weighed 145lbs, when I finally realized it "time" to put "me" first going into 2012. From the moment I walked into Matt's gym, I knew I had found the one that could get me where I wanted to be.

Matt is always focused on "us" his clients. He brings tremendous energy and variety to our training, getting us closer to our fitness goals daily. Using his nutritional knowledge, Matt was able to make adjustments to my diet to get me on the right track and produce extreme results in just 60 days! I have eliminated 22.5lbs, and a total of 17.5" off of my whole body! My body fat was 28%. It's now 16% and still dropping.

I trust Matt completely with my general Health, Nutrition and Training. I look forward to stepping on the figure stage with my new tiny & tight physique! He's become more than just my trainer. He's my mentor and I'm proud to call him a friend.
Thank you, Matt, you've made me realize I'm capable of so much more. The best is yet to come and I know with your continued guidance, I will have no problem accomplishing my other goals! -Roseanne
"Matt is not just my Trainer, He is my Mentor!"
In 6 months I have lost over 60 pounds and have gone from a size 12 to a 4!!! I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and nobody can compare to Matt. I admit I was skeptical about using another trainer because I did not want to be disappointed with ZERO results. I have always struggled with my weight and the smallest I have ever been was a size 12. I reached a point in my life where I had to lose weight because I was miserable. I was tired of feeling like crap, not having energy, and not able to play with my three boys. One workout and I was hooked with Matt’s style. In two short weeks I could already notice a difference in my body and the weight started to fall off. I have learned to eat the right foods by following Matt’s expert advice on nutrition. I am never hungry either!!! Matt’s experience in training speaks for itself with all of the amazing body transformations and personal testimonies. Matt’s personal commitment to his clients is extraordinary and the passion he shows for helping clients exceed their goals sets him apart from other trainers. During my lifestyle change, Matt has always been there supporting me every step of the way. I never felt alone!! Results Only Club is more than a gym--- we are a family and support each other on their journey. ROC for life!!!!! 
When I started at Results Only Club, I was 40 lbs. overweight and busting out of a size 12, with high cholesterol and arthritis. I then met the Trainer that would start a significant journey for me. Thanks to Matt Jahnel, I have never felt healthier, and more physically accomplished. I now fit into a size 2, and instead of fluff, I see muscle definition. Who would have thought I would love cardio, weight training, and eating healthy so much. Thank you, Matt Jahnel, for pushing me, educating me, guiding me, and inspiring me to do more than I ever thought possible. You have changed my life. I am now who I only dreamed of. I look back and realize I wasn’t just going on a journey, but actually establishing a beautiful way of life. I love my Trainer and my ROC personal training Family!!!
For a long time I didn't like going clothes shopping with friends because I could only buy my size of clothes at a few stores. I was wearing a size 20W and always felt insecure when shopping at other stores with friends. A friend told me I should see a personal trainer to not only help me lose weight but to help with self confidence. I never thought, in my lifetime, I would ever workout much less workout with a trainer. It took me over a month to finally get in contact with Matt Jahnel and begin my workout journey. I made the greatest decision and will never turn back. He has been one of the most inspiring persons to me in terms of fitness and has taught me everything about fitness and nutrition. I love my lifestyle change and my results. I was a size 20W when I started training with Matt and now I'm in a size 4. I have gained my confidence and the freedom to shop wherever I choose. A big thank you to Matt and my ROC family for encouraging and pushing me through!! 
I'm the kind of women who needs to be inspired to workout. Don't get me wrong I enjoy working out but having someone like Matt who is knowledgeable and fun makes the workout experience more enticing. After a few training sessions with Matt I knew he was genuinely concerned for his clients individual health and fitness needs. Matt's personalized advice on nutrition has made me more conscious of how I treat my body. He is all about Results and those Results are achieved in direct relation to a clients level of commitment.

 Starting out at 176 pounds and a size 16 now I am 138 pounds and asize 4 at age 45! I'm in the best shape and health I've ever been in. It has been a steady weight loss which guarantees permanent change. The picture does not convey how getting in shape has made me feel. My body craves working out and I love how energized I feel after a session.

 Matt, you are an artist when it comes to sculpting bodies. You manage to keep the process fun and interesting and you've built a support system within ROC that helps each person stay on track. I've become happier, healthier and more confident as I've watched my Body Transform.

 You are the real deal! ROC-4-LIFE!

I joined ROC last June and I have to say it's the best decision I have made! I not only lost close to 65 lbs but have gained a whole new family. Thanks to my ROC Family for supporting and encouraging me!!
If you're looking for a Trainer I would highly recommend Matt!
Thanks Matt!
Wow! This is a fun and challenging place to be! When I started I thought that exercising and slightly changing my diet would create results. I was wrong! Once I started to really listen to everything Matt said, the inches started to melt off! I was in the best shape of my life! I'm now expecting my first child and still exercising. I can't wait until I can push harder and get back into shape with Results Only Club!